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What is nutritional therapy?

Nutritional Therapy is a holistic approach that uses a persons bio-individuality when it comes to nutrition, hormones & lifestyle. This means that each step taken towards your wellness goals are unique to you and your individual needs. 

This is not a cookie cutter way to reaching optimal health & hormones; patience is key.

The goal is to also create a lifestyle that is sustainable to meet you where you’re at in life!

If you’re tired of taking the “slapping on a bandaid” approach and are ready to try the bio-individual approach to reach your health and wellness goals such as more energy, easier periods & better digestion, then reach out to me under the Contact me section of my website with any questions or to be put on the waitlist for when spots open up.

I look forward to meeting you!

Currently Not Taking New Clients At This Time; Please Send Me a Message To Get On The Waitlist. I Look Forward to Connecting With You!

My Services

Path to wellness Consult

This service includes a 60-minute consult where we address your health & hormone concerns/goals, current medications, detailed symptom information, assessment results, and food journal. 

We will work together to in designing a personalized protocol that will move you towards YOUR health & hormone goals. 

Whats Included:

After the consult, Protocol & NAQ results will be emailed to you for reference along w/ handouts & resources if applicable. Also includes one 30-minute virtual check-in visit to go over any residual questions or concerns & email/text support while working through the protocol. Held virtually.

Investment $155

 What will be sent to you prior to our appointment:

Initial Interview Form* (covers family & personal health history as well as what your main concerns and/or goals are), 3 day Food and Mood Journal* (this shows me what a “typical” day looks like for you and where adjustments need to be made), Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (the NAQ takes about 15 minutes to complete online, has 321 questions cultivated to shine light on a bodily system [i.e. digestion, liver, gallbladder, etc..] that needs to be supported)*

 *Forms to be completed & sent back to me prior to consultation appointment to give me time to review.