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What is nutritional therapy?

Nutritional Therapy is a holistic approach that uses a persons bio-individuality regarding nutrition, hormones & lifestyle. Each step taken towards your wellness goals are unique to you & your individual needs. Patience & consistency are key! 

My approach to optimal health & hormones are to go back to the basics by starting at the foundations of health such as Nutrition, Digestion, Hydration, Blood Sugar Regulation, Minerals, Fatty Acid Balance, & Lifestyle. It’s all connected! 

Any dysfunction in the foundations may lead to increased inflammation in the body (e.g. joint pain, digestive issues, hair loss), menstrual cycle symptoms (e.g. heavy periods, cramps, mood swings) & may impact energy levels & sleep.

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When scheduling: If there is not a time/date that works, then please let me know and we can work out a time/date together.

Disclaimer: I am not a Licensed Practitioner nor do I treat, diagnose, or prescribe. I am here to support & educate so that you can make empowered and informed decisions for your health.

My Services

No Available Spots for Initial Consult at this time. 


Initial consult

This service is a great starting point for those who don’t know where to begin when it comes to optimizing their health & hormones.

60-90 Minute Call (Held virtually unless prior arrangements have been made). Includes a Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire, Health History, Food/Mood Journal & Supportive Resources (All documents must be returned prior to our call). Email/Text support is also provided. Starting Protocol & Results with Recommendations Specific to Your Needs Emailed to You After Our Call.

Investment $99 


Follow-Up Visit

30 Minute call (Held Virtually) for those who have completed the Initial Consult or the 3-Month Package. A check-in to re-assess current protocol, make changes, or share resources. 

Investment $25