RESTART® Program



Those seeking a supported atmosphere to learn the tools to break up with sugar, increase their knowledge about functional nutrition and increase their overall health and wellbeing.  


 This educational 5-week program, with an optional* 3-week break from sugar built in, is designed to optimize and reset your health. We will identify nutritional imbalances and deficiencies to strengthen your overall health. Click here to visit RESTART® website. Weekly topics listed below.

Week 1: Learn how to prepare mentally & physically as you transition to REAL food.

Week 2: Digestion! How it works, what to do when it doesn’t, & why it’s essential for optimal health.

Week 3: Learn how your body responds to excess sugar & processed foods. 

Week 4: All about FATS! The truth about dietary fats & how they’re essential for many bodily functions.

Week 5: How to move forward all while utilizing the skills & strategies you learned during our 5-weeks together.

This program includes participant materials and additional resources to support you during the 5 weeks. Also includes, weekly 60-90 minute zoom calls and unlimited email & text support during the 5-weeks for any concerns or questions.

Investment $189

Send Me a Message to Inquire About Upcoming Class Times/Dates or to Inquire About the 1:1 Option

*The 3-week break from sugar is listed as optional as there have been participants who have gone through the program to learn more about themselves and their body; of which I applaud! However, if at a later date you’d like to give it a try then you’ll have all the resources on hand for every step of the way.