Normalize Bio-Individuality & NOT eating for Balance

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I had a donut a few weeks ago. A real gluten filled delicious maple glazed donut with chocolate drizzle…and it was AMAZING!!! 


However, the next couple weeks were not so amazing-as it reminded me why I eat the way I do. 

When I say “eat the way I do” I mean I eat & drink for my own bio-individuality and for me, that means limited to no dairy, no gluten, little to no processed foods & refined carbs, little to no alcohol, tons of veggies and so on.


For the next 2-3 weeks after consuming that delicious donut, my skin was covered in bumpy red rosacea, eczema, & painful cystic acne…but it doesn’t end there. My digestion was so off where I was either going too much, or going too little (hello toxins being reabsorbed into my body!). I also was extremely fatigued, sleep was non-existent and had terrible joint pain. It affected almost every aspect of my life.


My body was telling me, albeit very loudly, that something was very wrong and I needed to remedy it.


I first addressed my situation with the following question: Were the latter aches & pains really worth a few minutes of that delicious donut? (And yes, I ate it that fast, no judging) For me, it wasn’t, because my body, after numerous attempts of trying things out, was still not complying with what others state as “balance” (i.e. eating mostly healthy w/ intermittent treats sprinkled in).


Next, I started re-inoculating my body with pre and probiotics to support my gut health. I drank copious amounts of chicken bone broth and drank tons of water to help flush my system. The latter helped get me back on track. 


I wanted to touch on this because I have been hearing a lot of chatter-not only within the wellness groups, but also amongst my family, friends & clients, that mention that having “balance” is so important-which I completely agree with…if that is what works for you.


However, some individuals can’t afford to have “balance” when it comes to eating & drinking. There are individuals with severe health conditions which can be worsened when incorporating certain foods and/or drinks. There are also individuals that just don’t want to feel miserable and would rather feel vibrant and have energy, so they do everything they can to support not only their health now, but for their future health as well. 


The biggest takeaway from this => is to please focus on what works for YOU and you alone, no matter where you fall on the spectrum of eating for “balance”.


What others do or how they eat, drink, live, etc…is not up for you to decide or have input on (unless they ask). There may be reasons why others eat/drink the things they do that you’re not aware of. 


If all else fails, think of the following quote by Brad Meltzer before interjecting on what others are doing: “Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.”


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