Gathering Health & Wellness LLC

using a functional lifestyle to cultivate a healthy relationship with nutrition, health & Hormones

Feeling Confused about all the Health Information out there?

this can be one of the biggest hurdles when Optimizing Health, Dialing in Nutrition & navigating hormones.

This space was created to provide information I've obtained & learned from my experiences in hopes to provide a clear path for others
on their wellness journey.

I also teach RESTART® & Healthy habits for life™ classes for those who would Like guided support in learning the basics of nutrition and/or building habits.

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Tiffany Fielder, FNTP, FHS

Certified by the Nutritional Therapy Association, Licensed Healthy Habits for Life™ & RESTART® Instructor & Functional Hormone Specialist

"The Longer it takes, the more i learn, the more i learn, the better i'll be".

Rob Riccardo

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